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Vision and Priorities

Regeneration Statement/Altogether Wealthier Aims and Objectives

Regeneration Statement 2012-2022 (PDF, 3Mb)

Thriving Durham City
  • Exploit the City's potential as a major retail, business and residential centre, academic hub and visitor destination
  • Deliver the cultural and tourism ambitions for the City which will benefit the entire County

Vibrant and Successful Towns

  • Embed a "Whole-Town" approach through coordinated investment in housing, infrastructure, employment, retail, leisure, education and health
  • Improve the Economic Transport Corridors to unlock the potential of our network of major centres

Sustainable Neighbourhoods and Rural Communities

  • Establish communities where people live, can live and want to live
  • Improve the housing offer, narrowing the deprivation and inequalities gap between communities
  • Improve equality of access to employment and services
  • Mitigate the impact of welfare reform on our most vulnerable residents 

Competitive and Successful People

  • Raise the aspirations, participation and attainment of young people
  • Reengage adults with work, moving economically inactive residents into the labour market
  • Stimulate the demand for higher level skills and support an employer led skills agenda

A Top Location for Business

  • Nurture business creation, development and growth, aligned with key wealth creating sectors
  • Create the right environment for innovation and growth
  • Promote County Durham as an attractive economic location for investment