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Priority Objectives

The Environment Partnership theme groups and board are working towards the following objectives and outcomes.

Engender pride in our communities to deliver a cleaner, more attractive and sustainable environment.

Outcomes to achieve this objective

  • Reduced incidents of environmental crime.
  • Increased community participation in activities to improve the environment.
  • Effective community re-use schemes.
  • Increased community ownership of allotments.
  • Increased 'days of action' working with partners to improve hotspot areas.

Support the work of the Local Nature Partnerships in order to maximise the value and benefits of Durham's natural environment.

 Outcomes to achieve this objective

  • Landscape, biodiversity and eco-systems are valued and intrinsic to local decision making.
  • Increased bio diversity enhancements which support mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
  • Protected coastline and natural assets which are utilised and enjoyed.

Mitigate the impact of and adapt to climate change.

Outcomes to achieve this objective

  • Communities are more resilient to the impact of extreme weather events.
  • Effective support mechanisms are in place for communities affected by extreme weather events.
  • Homes and  buisnesses are more energy efficient.

Promote green infrastructure sustainable design and Durham's built heritage.

Outcomes to achieve this objective

  • Increased access to historic and notable buildings.
  • Sustainable design is intrinsic to development schemes.
  • Increased green infrastructure schemes.