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Vision and Priorities

Our vision is to effectively work in partnership to make environmental improvements and drive sustainable development across County Durham. Altogether Greener is not just our slogan, its our vision.

Partnership aim

"To transform and sustain the environment within County Durham, maximising partnership arrangements to support the economy and the wellbeing of local communities".

We have set the following objectives to achieve this aim.

  • Engender pride in our communities to deliver a cleaner, more attractive and sustainable environment.
  • Support the work of the Local Nature Partnerships in order to maximise the value and benefits of Durham's natural environment.
  • Mitigate the impact of and adapt to Climate Change.
  • Promote Green Infrastructure sustainable design and Durham's built heritage.

These objectives are reflected in our theme groups that provide detailed and specialist knowledge to the Board. See the Environment Partnership structure for details of the theme groups.

Some of the most influential organisations in County Durham and the wider North East Region attend the theme groups, the objective is to strategically plan and co-ordinate action across the county to improve all avenues of environment and sustainable development.