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About Us

The Safe Durham Partnership oversees the strategic delivery of the 'safe' theme as part of the County Durham Partnership. It is also the local Community Safety Partnership (CSP) for County Durham as prescribed in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 and subsequent legislation.

All of the partner agencies are committed to working together to address Crime Disorder and Anti-Social behaviour (ASB) issues and to make County Durham a better and safer place.

The Safe Durham Partnership was formed in 2009, from this we have had a significant success in tackling crime and disorder through the underlying principles of working together.  We have taken steps to raise people's awareness and build resilience to extremism, embedded programmes to reduce underage drinking, implemented a new service to manage perpetrators and support victims of anti-social behaviour, and much more. 

In County Durham we are proud of our positive partnership culture and value strong relationships that statutory organisations including the police, council, clinical commissioning groups, probation services and fire and rescue service, have with the office of the police, crime and victims' commissioner, elected members, prison service and community sector.

The Safe Durham Partnership Plan 2020 to 2025 (PDF, 1014kb)  includes public and stakeholder consultation to ensure alignment with the County Durham Vision 2035