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Vision and Strategic Objectives

The Safe Durham Partnership Plan 2020 to 2025 (PDF, 1014kb) was developed and agreed by the Safe Durham Partnership prior to the global coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 has had a huge impact on how Durham County Council and its partners deliver services to ensure those who need to access vital services still receive them, whilst also supporting providers who run essential services.  Many of the actions in the current Plan have supported our approach in these unprecedented times.

Utilising the approach to wellbeing, we have worked with communities and the voluntary sector to support residents who have shielded, are self-isolating or have no other support networks. 

A 2021 refresh of the Safe Durham Partnership Plan will ensure full alignment with the County Durham Vision implementation, the partnership governance review and will consider the impact Covid-19 has on our partners, communities and services and any Covid-19 related actions will be included.

The Safe Durham Partnership's vision is that:

"Durham is a county where every adult and child will feel and be safe"

The Safe Durham Partnership has six strategic priorities which set out what we will focus on to make Durham a county where every adult and child will feel and be safe. 

Our priority objectives are: