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Alcohol and substance misuse reduction

Alcohol is a contributory factor in many incidents of domestic abuse and sexual violence and has strong links to child sexual exploitation in the county. It is also a significant factor in child neglect and child protection. Alcohol consumption plays a substantial part in homicides and domestic homicides in County Durham. Alcohol misuse causes harm to people's health including their mental health and can impact on the ability of individuals to access or sustain employment.

Drug misuse is a serious issue not only to the health and wellbeing of the individual that is affected by it, but that of their families and the wider community. Tackling drug misuse requires a co-ordinated approach involving a whole range of partners. It is not just the responsibility of organisations however; individuals and the wider community all have a role to play in reducing and preventing drug misuse.

Partners will work together to reduce alcohol and drug misuse, campaigning in partnership for changes in the law and tackling the organised crime groups who supply illegal drugs.