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Tackle and prevent cyber enabled crime

Staying Safe Online

It is important to protect individuals and organisations from becoming victims through ensuring our communities have the knowledge and ability to protect themselves against cyber-enabled fraud and crime.

The huge growth in technology and digital communications has enhanced society and quality of life for everyone. However, it comes with clear risks to homes and businesses, as cyber-fraud increases and there are new patterns of criminal activity all the time.

The significant risks associated with cyber crime alongside the widely estimated understanding that a majority of cyber-attacks are preventable, make ensuring good practice when it comes to cyber safety critically important.

Incorporating a Safer Cyber Working Group, the Safe Durham Partnership will look to support and deliver this strategic objective across the partnerships structures and community sectors.

Collaboration and partnership working is needed across the country to enhance our capability to tackle cyber crime and cyber-enabled crime, which is thought to be largely under-reported. This will include programmes to raise awareness and educate communities, including the business sector, to protect themselves against cyber-enabled crime.

The internet is part of every day life and is a valuable tool for use in the home, the workplace and schools.

Staying Safe online document (PDF, 1Mb) is distributed in schools to help parents understand how to keep their children safe online.

Children are using the internet more and more to complete homework and keep I touch with friends through Social Networking sites. There is a wealth of information available to them, however the internet does pose risks as some material may not be suitable for children's viewing and there is also an added threat from other adults online who may want to take advantage of children in some way.

The following website provides advice on protecting children on the Internet:

Get Safe Online