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County Durham Economic Assessment

In 2010 Government introduced a duty for all local authorities to produce a local economic assessment. The County Durham Economic Assessment (CDEA) provides commentary on County Durham's past economic performance, considers prospects for future growth and also areas for further research. The CDEA is not a strategy or policy document, but provides the comprehensive, shared understanding of the County's economy to aid strategy and policy decisions.

The full CDEA consists of an evidence base developed around business, people and place themes. It commenced with a Scoping Paper and Baseline Topic Reports which identified specific topics for further investigation through Deep Dive analysis (summarised by the Emerging Insights report). This evidence has been brought together in a single document (Volume 1) and a Summary Report. Implementation Plans have also been developed for the three themes to test and appraise the feasibility of ideas emerging from the CDEA.

Final Reports

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Deep Dive Reports and Implementation Plans

Initial Reports