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People Portfolio

Durham County Council (DCC), in collaboration with the County Durham Economic Partnership (CDEP) has prepared an evidence base in covering the key areas of employment and skills.

The full evidence base along with section summaries can be found below.

Employment and Skills Evidence Base 

The analysis presented in the evidence report demonstrates the manner in which the County Durham economy and associated labour markets have performed over the last decade. It also considers the prospects over the next decade, including some of the key employment and skills challenges in securing a more competitive economy and cohesive society.

'Why Skills Matter' Summary 

Examines which residents are in employment and the nature of their skills and why they are important to current economic performance and future economic prospects.

CDEA - Why Skills Matter Summary (PDF, 385kb)

'Demand for Skills' Summary

Highlights recent trends and likely future patterns in the demand for labour and skills in County Durham influenced by a range of economic and social drivers.

CDEA - Demand for Skills - Summary (PDF, 433kb)

'Supply of Skills' Summary 

Considers the availability of information and intelligence in relation to the supply of skills in County Durham, linking to a variety of data sources and existing research.

CDEA - Supply of Skills Summary (PDF, 634kb)

'Workforce Development' Summary

Looks at the range of workforce development provision by employers in County Durham, along with participation in learning and training throughout all age groups.

CDEA - Workforce Development Summary (PDF, 492kb)

'Interaction of Demand and Supply' Summary 

Examination of earnings levels and skill shortages within the County Durham economy and how these can impact upon the labour market.

CDEA - Interaction of Demand and Supply (PDF, 465kb)

Implementation Plan

This Implementation Plan sets out a series of interventions to tackle the key skills and employability issues that have been prioritised by partners within County Durham. It has been informed by a series of one-to-one consultations with partners in County Durham and the wider North East region, a number of workshops with the Employment & Skills Group and the Employment & Skills Executive Group, and desk-based research. The Plan was prepared with the assistance of Regeneris Consulting.

CDEA - Employment and Skills Implementation Plan (PDF, 1Mb)