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Environment Awards

'Rewarding great design, environmental guardianship and community spirit in County Durham'.

The Environment Awards have been running since 1989, developing and growing year on year and attracting ever more applicants. The competition is open to everyone - individuals, businesses, schools and community groups.

Environment Awards 2017

The Environment Awards 2017 will be open for entries from 5 June 2017.

Environment Awards 2016

Details of the Environment Awards 2016 including category winners.

Environment Awards 2015

Details of the Environment Awards 2015 including category winners.

Environment Awards 2014

Details of the Environment Awards 2014, including category winners.

Environment Awards 2013

Details of the Environment Awards 2013, including category winners.

Environment Awards 2012

Details of the Environment Awards 2012, including category winners.

Environment Awards 2011

Details of the Environment Awards 2011, including category winners.