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Casualty Reduction


The Safe Durham Partnership have launched an information leaflet to support the drink driving campaigns run in County Durham.  You can download a copy below.

Casualty Reduction Forum

The social economic and environmental impact of road traffic collisions is well known.  They affect all aspects of society and recent research has shown the rates of casualty reduction are slowing.

Speed remains a factor in most accidents and as speed increases so does the severity of any resultant injury - around 50% of vehicles still exceed the 30 mph speed limit.  Speeding vehicles is of particular concern in County Durham and cuts across both the anti-social behaviour and road casualty priorities.


Our long term priorities are to:

  • Reduce the economic impact of road traffic collisions
  • Improve education and raise awareness to assist in our communities achieving their full potential. (Achieving and Aspiring)
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of our communities through casualty reduction
  • Develop a safe highway, free of accidents and free of the fear of accidents
  • A high quality safe and sustainable transport environment


The Casualty Reduction Forum has worked hard to help keep our roads safe and have been successful in reducing the number of children killed and injured in road traffic accidents.

The partnership has developed information and advice leaflets which provide factual information about drink driving and dispels some of the myths that contribute to drivers ignoring clear dangers.

The national standard for cyclist training, known as Bikeability, is offered free to children from the age of nine to help develop their essential cycling skills. Bikeability has changed the way children are taught to ride.

It provides a useful guide for parents about the essential skills needed and gives parents the reassurance that their children have the necessary skills and confidence to cycle at each stage of their development and particularly to cycle to school.

The Partnership knows that more young drivers are involved in serious crashes than any other age group.

There are also more young drivers killed in these crashes than any other age group. ‘EXCELerate’ is designed to help make young people safe drivers.

It helps at five key stages of their driving career from pre-driving and the effects of alcohol and drugs through to passing their test and accessing more help with driving safely.

Other schemes that help keep people safe on the roads include:

  • Community Speedwatch
  • Driver and motor-cycle training
  • Enforcement targeted towards criminal use and speed
  • Wisedrive and Bikewise