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Counter Terrorism and the Prevention of Violent Extremism

This is a national priority that the local authority and police must lead on with partners from other organisations. Although the threat of any extremist attack in County Durham is not as significant as in some areas of the country, attacks have taken place in similar areas and therefore all partners need to remain alert.

Counter Terrorism Thematic Group

This group seeks to raise awareness and vigilance to reduce the threat of any extremist attack and prevent vulnerable people from radicalisation. It supports regional and national operations as well as any operations undertaken locally.


 Our long term priorities are to:

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the drivers and causes of violent extremism and the Prevent objectives
  • Improve understanding of and engagement with our diverse communities
  • Have effective oversight delivery and evaluation of projects and actions


The Safe Durham Partnership recognised the need to develop robust arrangements in order to strengthen the resilience of public services and the community to acts of violent extremism.

A senior executive group monitors the progress of joint working between a range of statutory and non-statutory partners. An operational group is responsible for developing and implementing partnership action plans to prevent violent extremism and protect against terrorism.

Durham Constabulary has been recognised for the way in which it handled an incident that saw two men convicted for terrorism charges in County Durham.

The Partnership has delivered significant training and awareness raising from Chief Executives and Senior Management Teams to front line practitioners and members of the community. This includes programmes such as Act-Now and WRAP which is a Workshop to Raise Awareness of Preventing violent extremism.

Arrangements have been put in place to ensure those vulnerable to radicalisation have access to the right support to re-address the messages that they have been subjected to.

A ‘Staying Safe on the Internet’ initiative will be delivered to pupils through the Safer Schools Partnership.

A Trust Your Instincts DVD has been developed locally and is shown to front-line workers to encourage them to report anything suspicious.

Counter Terrorism Security Groups involving town centre businesses have been implemented. Projects have been run to help businesses understand what happens before, during and after a terrorist incident and know how to plan, respond and mitigate the effects.